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Recommended management of women

CervicalCheck HPV post treatment testing algorithm1

CervicalCheck - The National Cervical Screening Programme provides cervical screening to women in the Republic of Ireland aged 25 to 60.

  • For women aged 25 to 44 years cervical screening is recommended every three years and for women aged 45 to 60 it is recommended every five years.
  • All women should have a liquid-based cytology (LBC) test and a hrHPV test at 6 months post treatment for CIN. A repeat cytology and hrHPV test should be performed 18 months post treatment.
  • Cytology and HPV test for post treatment follow-up will be taken at colposcopy clinic.
  • Women who test negative for hrHPV and do not demonstrate LSIL or a more severe abnormality at 6 and 18 months post treatment will be discharged to either 3 or 5 year routine recall, depending on their age.
  • Any woman positive for hrHPV or cytology ‘LSIL+’ at 6 or 18 month follow-up will undergo colpsocopy and treatment if required. Continued surveillance for 10 years is required for women who do not need repeat treatment.

CervicalCheck post treatment algorithm

The prognostic value of a negative hrHPV Test

HPV post treatment algorithm based on CervicalCheck (The National Cervical screening Programme)1 suggested management protocol:

            NOTE: Woman positive for hrHPV or cytology ‘LSIL+’ (at either 6 or 18 months) will need to undergo further colposcopy with repeat treatment if necessary.

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