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Recommended management of women

Scottish Cervical Screening Programme (SCSP) - test of cure management1

Cervical screening is offered to women aged 20 to 60 years of age every three years.

  • Since April 2012 all women who have received treatment for CIN are tested for hrHPV at their next cervical screening test.
  • 'Test of cure’ hrHPV testing is recommended 6 months after treatment.                       
  • Women who have a LBC test that shows normal cytology and are hrHPV negative six months post treatment for CIN can be discharged to 3 year routine recall.  
  • Test of cure testing will be able to identify the 80% of low-risk women who are negative for hrHPV and have a negative cytology result, and can therefore be safely returned to routine recall.

SCSP test of cure protocol

The prognostic value of a negative hrHPV Test

Triage and test of cure management algorithm1

Triage and test of cure management algorithm


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1. NHS Scotland, Scottish Cervical Screening Programme Colposcopy and Programme Management, Addendum to NHSCSP Publication No 20.2012;1-13.