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The cobas® HPV Test App is for secondary and primary care clinicians involved in cervical screening and the prevention of cervical cancer. It comprehensively covers key information of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV testing in cervical cancer screening and the Roche cobas® HPV Test.

What is covered in this App? 

  • The facts on HPV
  • Cytology and HPV
  • HPV testing
  • Integration of HPV testing as Triage and Test of Cure in cervical cancer 
  • How genotyping can help you in patient management
  • The future of cervical screening
  • ‘Patient consultation’ films allow you to explore discussion of an HPV test result
  • Information on the Roche cobas® HPV Test, a test frequently used in cervical screening and how the test works can be discovered
  • The ATHENA (Addressing THE Need for Advanced HPV diagnostics) trial


The cobas® HPV Test App has already won two awards, for the PM Society Self-directed Digital Selling Tool Award and also as part of the PMLive Award for Supporting physicians through changes to the NHS cervical screening programme.



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Download the App

You can download the cobas® HPV Test App for iPad in the App Store. 

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